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Using AI and ML automation in creating transformational tools for Health care

Medical Imaging

Taking traditional imaging techniques such as Endoscopy, Fluoroscopy, Tactile imaging etc. to the next level with the help of Medical Imaging is our aim. Medical Imaging is a technique used for creating images of the human body which is used in the field of medical science for clinical purposes and in-depth diagnose. Using the technological enforcement of deep learning technologies we strive to find intricate deformities in the scanned images.

Predictive Diagnosis

This diagnosis aims to outline the underlying parameters which can be used to predict the probability of a disease or analyse the patterns present in the data. It focuses on assisting doctors to take preventive measures in order to eradicate the disease thus reducing the consequences of that disease. Using IoT devices we aim on collecting data and forming possible frameworks to help diagnose a patient efficiently and effectively.

Preventing and Tracking Diseases

As the old saying goes
It is vital to identify the diseases at the initial stages to avoid complications. Monitoring a patient’s well-being from time to time is not only essential but also economic. Neglecting early signs of risk can be highly detrimental. With the use of AI and various predictive analytical tools RBDS focuses on detecting and tracking chronic diseases at an early stage.


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